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Photo: AJ McCarron And AJ Starr Shared An Inspirational Embrace After Alabama's Season Ended

So cool.

Last night, the world had a chance to meet AJ Starr, the assistant equipment manager for the Alabama Crimson Tide who has formed a special bond with quarterback AJ McCarron. Starr was born with cerebral palsy, a physical condition that affects motor functions in individuals, but after a meeting with McCarron one day following an Alabama practice, he was offered a role with the Crimson Tide.

He has hit it off with the players and the staff, and considers himself the "luckiest guy in the world" to be a part of the team -- a far cry from where he was not too long ago, when he admitted he was close to giving up. After the Sugar Bowl last night -- of course, Starr and McCarron were devastated -- the pair of AJ's shared a special embrace:

You can view an amazing clip on the relationship between the pair below -- seriously, it's inspiring to watch: