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Update: Alabama Fan's 'KILGUS' License Plate Actually References Family's Last Name

Update: So apparently the license plate is owned by a family of Alabama fans with the last name "Kilgus" and they do not wish harm on Auburn's Malzahn. Hana Kilgus took to Twitter to make a statement.

">August 15, 2014

According to Saturday Down South, the family owned the license plate before Malzahn was even hired by Auburn. 

Earlier: The Alabama-Auburn rivalry is quite heated. The loathing between the two programs just got taken to another level, though. 

A Crimson Tide fan has a license plate that, apparently, wishes death upon Auburn coach Gus Malzahn. 

Check it out: 

">@ClayTravisBGID looks like the 85% is at it again

— AndySES (@Mr_Anderson613) August 14, 2014

That plate was probably made in jest, but it's still a little extreme.

It's understandable for Alabama fans to hate Malzahn, especially following last year's Iron Bowl. Let's hope there is more to the story than we currently know.