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Photo Of Fan-Made Alabama Chrome Helmet Is Circulating The Web

Update: We've confirmed that the helmet is custom-made by a fan and that the school was not involved in its production. Alabama fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

Earlier: Before we even suggest anything here - yes, we realize that Alabama has not changed its iconic helmet for decades. The Crimson Tide and their fans cherish the tradition of keeping their uniforms the same, year after year. But Tuesday afternoon, a photo of a red/silver chrome helmet sitting outside of Alabama's football facility popped up on a few Tide message boards, as well as Twitter. The photo appears to be real, but there is no word on the purpose for the lid.

It's very possible (probable) that it's just a prototype or a fan-customized helmet. But it's still interesting to see.

">June 17, 2014

Would Alabama fans accept a slight change to the helmet for something like a season opener? Probably not, but the rest of the college football world would probably like it.