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Photo: Tigers Players Wore "State Of Auburn" Shirts Before Win Over Ole Miss

If you're from the state of Alabama, you are either a fan of the Crimson Tide or the Auburn Tigers - there is no in-between. Friday, the night before the Tigers took on Ole Miss on the road, the players were seen wearing a special new shirt. No, it had nothing to do with the Rebels. Yes, it had to do with the all-important in-state rivalry.

247 Sports' Justin Hokanson posted a photo of wideout Sammie Coates sporting a "State of Auburn" tee - a clear attempt to stake their claim as the state's team. War Blogle is reporting that the tees could become available to the public soon.

">November 1, 2014

It's something that Auburn fans are sure to love. Alabama supporters, on the contrary, probably won't be picking them up.