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Photos: This Ridiculous Car Features Both An Alabama And Auburn Paint Job

A compromise.

Update: We've now got a shot of the front of the car, per ESPN's Darren Rovell. This is one serious 'car divided'.

Earlier: Today, we came across a car that's, should we say, different? Someone driving around the state of Alabama has a decked-out car that shows support for both the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Auburn Tigers.

The Volkswagen Jetta is split right down the middle with basically two different paint jobs. One side features an Alabama Houndstooth pattern with an elephant bursting through -- the other has an Auburn Tiger ripping through a a very well-done tiger-striped exterior. Check it out, courtesy of Kent Faulk of the Birmingham News: 

Crimson Tide and Tigers fans, what do you think of this car's decoration -- is it a cool compromise or a bit sacrilegious? We'd guess this is definitely the result of a house divided, as opposed to a fan of multiple teams, but you never know. Either way, it makes for quite an interesting display.