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Former Alabama Star Reggie Ragland On Twitter: "Run The Ball Man"

Former Alabama star Reggie Ragland is not impressed with what he's seeing from the Crimson Tide against Ole Miss.

Alabama, for the third straight year, is having serious trouble with Ole Miss. Late in the second quarter, the Rebels lead 24-3 at home - mostly because Alabama can't stop making mistakes on offense. Just before halftime, Alabama has gained just 164 yards - despite nearly 20 minutes of possession.

Former Crimson Tide linebacker Reggie Ragland took to Twitter in frustration. He thinks that Alabama needs to run the ball more. He's tired of the sweeps the coaching staff is calling.

Alabama, thus far, has called 23 passing plays and 18 running plays. We'll see if the Crimson Tide takes Ragland's advice moving forward.