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Report: Alabama LB Reuben Foster Might Need Another Surgery On Rotator Cuff

Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster might need to go under the knife again.

Back in February, Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster had rotator cuff surgery. He was expected to be ready for training camp.

Now, Foster may have gotten some bad news regarding his shoulder. According to ESPN's NFL Insiders Show, the check-up at the NFL Combine revealed Foster's rotator cuff hadn't healed.

If it doesn't heal, he could need another surgical procedure.

Foster is projected as a first-round pick. Lawson, the Clemson defensive lineman mentioned above, had additional shoulder surgery last May after being picked in the first round by the Buffalo Bills.

Lawson missed the first six games of the NFL season, but recorded 13 tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble in the final 10 contests.