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Report: Alabama To Sign 10-Year Multimedia Rights Deal Worth "At Least $150 Million"

This won't come as a surprise to too many college football fans, but Alabama's program is worth a great deal of money. Monday, via a report by the Sports Business Journal, we're finding out exactly what some are willing to pay for the Crimson Tide's multimedia rights. Accord to Michael Smith, the school is set to sign a deal with Learfield Sports worth "at least" $150 to $160 million over the next 10 years.

Alabama has been working with Learfield since 1998, but used an opt-out clause to renegotiate its contract. The new deal doubles what the Tide were guaranteed under the old terms. The only two schools with more lucrative contracts are Texas and Notre Dame.

“A lot of things have changed since the last time we negotiated a deal,” said Bill Battle, Alabama’s athletic director. “This option gave us a chance to look around the marketplace and see how things look now versus five years ago. Alabama has been on a pretty good roll since then.”

Yes, Alabama has been on a pretty good "roll" indeed. The school has won three of the past five national titles and continues to bring in the top recruiting class nearly every season. You can read more about the deal here.