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Report: Texas A&M's AD Eric Hyman Rips Alabama With "We Control The Tide" Joke

Shots fired!

As if Alabama head coach Nick Saban didn't already have enough motivation to get some payback on Johnny Manziel and the Aggies this year. Tonight at the Brazos County A&M Club Coach's Night, according to Brent Zwerneman of the San Antonio Express-News, Texas A&M AD Eric Hyman made a joke about "controlling the Tide" in a reference to last year's big victory over Alabama.

Whoa. Nothing like a good moon joke.

I'm sure it got a chuckle out of the crowd, but you can imagine how Saban and his colleagues will take this - as a slap in the face. If you weren't already excited for the big matchup on September 14th, you've got even more reason to be now.

Oh, and it appears that A&M fans are now making t-shirts featuring the phrase "We Control The Tide", too.