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Some Loser With A Fake Amari Cooper Twitter Account Is Making Racist Comments, Fooling Fans, Bloggers

As fantastic as Twitter can be, as we all know, there are many negatives associated with the social media platform. One such issue deals with fans making fake accounts and purposefully attempting to destroy the character of their targets. For whatever reason, Alabama wideout Amari Cooper has been one of those targets for a while now. A fake handle with over 50,000 followers, @AmarICooper, which the Crimson Tide wide receiver says his school's compliance department has requested to be taken down three times, has been posting some ridiculous comments over the past 24 hours.

In one, he claims he's the best wide receiver in the country. A few have even been racist in nature.

Most of the time, fake accounts are easy to identify and aren't taken seriously. But a number of publications incorrectly assumed this was the real Amari Cooper account and wrote articles about the tweets. The real Amari Cooper account is actually @AmariCooper9, and though he says he isn't sweating it, he's making it clear that the other account is an impersonator.

">June 13, 2014

">June 13, 2014

The account was eventually taken down by Twitter, thankfully. Why some loser had to launch it in the first place is anyone's guess.