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Someone Photoshopped A "Nous Voulons Bama" Sign Onto An Ivory Coast Flag

For much of the 2013 college football season, Alabama looked like the best squad in the nation. As such, fans at other top programs started making "We Want Bama" signs for games, antagonizing the Crimson Tide fan base, which had seen their favorite team win the last two national titles. Yesterday, during the Ivory Coast vs. Japan World Cup game, one supporter had a little fun reminiscing. 

Ivory Coast's soccer team, which is ironically known as Les Elephants, knocked off Japan Saturday night, 2-1. During the match, the Ivory Coast fan base was shown a decent amount on ESPN. Of course, someone made the connection between Alabama's mascot, the fact that Ivory Coast's team name has to do with elephants, and that television was showing an unruly fan base.

">June 15, 2014

Yep, that means "We Want Bama" in French - the official language of the country. Well played, random Interneter.