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Terry Bradshaw: Nick Saban's Alabama Salary Is "Shameful"

NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw was on The Paul Finebaum Show on Monday and he wasn't shy about bashing Alabama and Nick Saban.

Finebaum had Bradshaw on to debate famous Alabama fan Phyllis from Mulga, and Bradshaw's takes were quite potent. Not only did he say that Tennessee—his preferred SEC team—will "walk all over" Alabama, but he took shots at Nick Saban and his big new contract.

Saban signed a new deal this off-season that will pay him over $11.1 million this season. Bradshaw told Phyllis that he thinks the contract is "shameful."

Via SEC Country:

Bradshaw: “I understand Saban, that’s your coach. What’s he making, $12 million now? That is the entire athletic budget at Louisiana Tech. The entire budget. That’s shameful! Shameful!”

Phyllis: “Shame? You think the man hasn’t earned it? You think the man hasn’t earned every single dollar he has earned at the University of Alabama?”

For what it's worth, the show's host is on Phyllis' side of this debate. After the contract was announced, Finebaum said he thinks Saban, whose full deal is worth $65 million, is worth up to $100 million considering what he's done for Alabama football.

Saban has made Alabama college football's most consistently dominant power, and may be the best coach the sport has ever had. It's hard to say that he hasn't earned that extension, based on the money that college football coaches earn in 2017.

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