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The 64 Most Annoying Fan Bases In College Sports: PAWWWL Region

Most annoying bracket's PAWWWL region.

College sports fans, though passionate and loyal, can also be really, really annoying. But who's the worst of the worst? We've gone through and picked out the 64 most annoying fan bases in college sports. You guys are going to tell us which deserves to be crowned the most intolerable of all. You can vote on the #BBN Region here, the #FSUTwitter Region here and the #WeAre Region here.

The 64 Most Annoying Fan Bases Bracket

College Spun's "most annoying fan bases" bracket.

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1. Alabama Football Fans vs. 16. Kenny Chesney Apologists

Alabama fans vs. Kenny Chesney.

Roll Tide vs. people who think Kenny Chesney actually has a favorite team.

2. Big East Nostalgists vs. 15. Georgetown Basketball FansPeople who can't get over the Big East's breakup vs. people who suffered a lot for it.

Big East nostalgiasts vs. Georgetown fans.

3. Paul Finebaum Callers vs. 14. Johns Hopkins Lacrosse Fans

Finebaum callers vs. Johns Hopkins fans.

Phyllis from Mulga and Tammy from Clanton vs. fans stuck in the 19th century.

4. Georgia Football fans vs. 13. SEC Network Conspiracy TheoristsThe Dawwwwwgs vs. those who believe ESPN has SEC bias.

UGA fans vs. SEC Chanters.

5. Syracuse Basketball Fans vs. 12. Gonzaga Basketball Fans

Syracuse fans vs. Gonzaga fans.

Jim Boeheim apologists vs. fans obsessed with gaining respect.

6. LSU Football Fans vs. 11. Pitt Basketball FansFans who supposedly smell like corndogs vs. the Oakland Zoo. 

LSU fans vs. Pitt fans.

7. West Virginia Basketball Fans vs. 10. Tennessee Football Fans

West Virginia fans vs. Tennessee fans.

Fans who like to throw things at opponents vs. fans who don't want to talk about the 21st century.

8. South Carolina Football Fans vs. Clemson Football FansWe had to do it.

South Carolina fans vs. Clemson fans.

The Waffle Wager is coming to the Palmetto State.

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