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The Toomer's Corner Oak Trees Will Not Survive, But Auburn Fans Are Sharing Memories

Really a shame.

In 2010, which seems like ages ago at this point, Auburn, behind the legs and arm of Cam Newton, won the BCS National Championship. It was a huge moment for the state of Alabama, which at that point owned the past two national titles (now it's four). But one fan of the Crimson Tide, Harvey Updyke, allegedly couldn't handle the Tigers sharing the glory with the Tide and poisoned the famed oak trees at Toomer's Corner in Auburn. And despite numerous efforts to save the trees, it looks like there was too much damage done.

Auburn and its fans held a longstanding tradition of "rolling" the oak trees with toilet paper after wins, but will no longer have the opportunity to do so. Instead, the school has announced it will create "structures" as replacements.

To keep the tradition alive, the university and city will create structures at the College Street-Magnolia Avenue intersection that are suitable for rolling after the oaks are gone. Fans will be invited to gather there as they always have following big victories or other momentous occasions.

Updyke is next scheduled to appear in court on April 8th.

The school is having one last "roll" on April 20th after the school's Spring Game. Auburn's Twitter handle also tweeted out a request for fans to send in their favorite pictures and memories.