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Time For The "We Want Bama" People To Step Up, Alabama Says It Will Play "Anybody" For 12th Game In 2015

OK, "We Want Bama" people, it's time to walk the walk. 

Alabama is currently on the search for a team to play in 2015. The Crimson Tide's schedule is one game shy of being full and they're having a tough time filling the final, No. 12 spot. Alabama athletic director Bill Battle said they'll play "anybody." 

">May 29, 2014

From CBS Sports

“Right now we’d take anybody,” Battle said. “We’ve called everybody we know.”

Alabama's 2015 schedule includes Wisconsin, who they'll play at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Sept. 5, 2015, and UL-Monroe, who play in Tuscaloosa three weeks later. The rest of the Crimson Tide's season is filled with SEC games. 

A recent trend in college football stadium signage is to hold up a sign that reads: "We Want Bama." 

">November 30, 2013

">November 15, 2013

">November 14, 2013

Now is the chance for those teams--or, more so, the fans of those teams--to step up, get their athletic director on the phone, and make a game against Alabama happen.