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The Latest On Tua Tagovailoa At Alabama Practice After Injury

Tua Tagovailoa throws a pass in the national championship game.

Last week, Tua Tagovailoa broke the index finger on his throwing hand. It didn't keep him from practice for long, however.

The Alabama signal caller was back at Crimson Tide spring practice today. Despite the injury, he reportedly looked pretty good tossing the ball around during practice.

Tagovailoa was behind Jalen Hurts in drills, and didn't complete in every drill. However the injury didn't seem to be affecting him too much, based on reports. has video of Tua Tagovailoa throwing today:

Local reporters only had a certain period to watch Tagovailoa's progress. Here's what noted:

-- Tua Tagovailoa continued to do some drills with the quarterbacks. He was second in line behind Jalen Hurts doing a few warm up exercises.

-- When they went to a drill where they were throwing QB to QB, Tagovailoa went off to the side to work with head athletic trainer Jeff Allen.

-- Moving to the full QB-to-WR passing routes, Tagovailoa participated at the end of the line. He still put good zip on the ball with the heavy tape on the index finger he broke a week ago Tuesday.

SEC Country took note of the lack of extra equipment that he was sporting. He had a wrap on his hand, but did not use a glove, which is probably a good sign about his comfort throwing the ball with the injury:

Tua Tagovailoa’s hand injury continues to improve. Tagovailoa wasn’t wearing a glove on his left hand, but he did have it wrapped. Tagovailoa spent some time with the trainers, but he was also spotted throwing to the receivers when the quarterbacks and wide outs worked together. That’s a positive sign that he’s making progress in his rehab. Tagovailoa is not sporting a brace/wrap on his left elbow.

Here's what Nick Saban had to say about Tua's progress after practice today.

This injury puts Hurts in the early driver's seat, at least for the time being. However, it sounds like Tagovailoa will be back to 100-percent fairly quickly.

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