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Video: A Man Hid In Nick Saban's Bathroom So He Could Propose To His Girlfriend At Alabama's Football Facility

Proposal stories don't get much crazier than the one told this morning by

Drew Clayton, a Mississippi State graduate, decided this past May that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Kayla Posey, who was completing her graduate degree at Alabama. Thanks to some of Posey's connections (she's worked for a couple years in the Crimson Tide football office before becoming one of Nick Saban's assistants), Clayton was able to setup the perfect proposal plan. 

He placed the engagement ring on Saban's coffee table and then went to hide in the coach's bathroom, waiting for Posey to get back from lunch. When she entered the office to tidy it up, Clayton popped up and dropped to a knee. 

From's story:

"For 30 minutes, my stomach is churning and I'm waiting on Kayla to get back," he said. "It was a very well-kept bathroom, as we would expect from such a perfect coach."

He also took a peek at Saban's snack stash, which included several boxes of Oatmeal Creme Pies.

"I was kind of hungry, so I figured he wouldn't miss one," he said.

It appears, somewhat surprisingly, that Saban was OK with this proposal being done in his office. But is he aware that Clayton snagged one of his idolized Oatmeal Creme Pies? That has to be a no-no for anyone who enters the national championship-winning coach's office (except for his granddaughter, of course).