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Video: Alabama's Nick Saban 'Dancing' To C-Murder Is The Best Thing You'll Watch Today

Third downs at Bryant-Denny Stadium are a time for music to be played. Then, the Alabama defense usually forces a stop. 

That's been the case for the Crimson Tide football team this fall. On nearly every defensive third down inside Alabama's home confines, the same bass note from one of rapper C-Murder's songs is played. Alabama's defensive players have said they've been responding well to the music. 

So, during Nick Saban's press conference this week, an Alabama reporter asked the head coach an "off the wall" question about the effect the music has on his players. Saban mostly shrugged and responded, "that is off the wall." 

What's happened since, though, is magical. A YouTube user, Yellow Hammer, edited the response to make it seem like Saban was dancing to the music. Check it out: 

While Saban wasn't really dancing, he is known to move pretty well to a tune.

Perhaps Saban will churn out some more moves following Alabama's game Saturday. The Crimson Tide are set to host Auburn at 7:45 p.m. E.T. The game will be televised on ESPN.