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Video: Finebaum Caller Phyllis From Mulga Rips Into Colin Cowherd Because He Thinks Alabama's Dynasty Is Over

Earlier today, ESPN personality Colin Cowherd made a bold proclamation. In Cowherd's eyes, Alabama's reign of dominance over college football is over.

">October 6, 2014

This is a bold statement, because even though the Crimson Tide lost to Ole Miss on Saturday, they're still a loaded team with possibly the best college football coach in America. Of course, this didn't go over with Alabama fans, namely Phyllis from Mulga, a noted Crimson Tide supporter and a frequent caller on The Paul Finebaum Show. Phyllis decided to give her two cents on that prediction, and when she called into Finebaum earlier today, she eviscerated Cowherd.

This is one of the best rants we've heard from Phyllis, especially because she refused to refer to Cowherd as anything other than "Cow Turd." ESPN execs probably won't be happy that an employee gave someone a platform to rip into another employee, but we won't complain, because this was amazing.