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Video: Nick Saban Interviewed By Colin Cowherd, Shows That He's Pretty Funny

The picture of Nick Saban wearing a Luigi hat finally has a corresponding video, and like the picture, the video is pretty great.

Saban joined ESPN's Colin Cowherd for "Cage Confessionals," Cowherd's series where he interviews people inside of a cage as part of the show Colin's New Football Show. His interview with Saban was particularly great, as it showed a side of Saban that people rarely see: a funny, down-to-earth guy who was afraid of Santa Claus as a child.

This is certainly a new side to Saban, and we love it. For a guy who is considered a serious, football-obsessed guy, it's awesome to see him take a step back and get a laugh at himself, whether it's about wearing a goofy hat to enhance his image, or taking a selfie with Cowherd. We definitely want to see more of this side of Saban as soon as possible.