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Video: Stand-Up Comedian From Auburn Shuts Down An Alabama Fan By Reminding Him Of The "Kick Six"

There are plenty of videos on the Internet of stand-up comedians shutting down hecklers, but this one is among the best that we've seen. Jeanne Robertson is a stand-up comic, and during one of her bits, she mentioned that she attended Auburn. After saying that, someone in the crowd wearing an Alabama shirt screamed "Roll Tide Roll."

In an attempt to make fun of the Crimson Tide fan, Robertson decided to remind him of last year's Iron Bowl, in which the Tigers beat Alabama, 34-28, thanks to the famous "Kick Six" by Tigers DB Chris Davis. If you're an AU fan, we guarantee that you'll love this, check it out:

Give the Alabama fan a ton of credit: he applauded the bit and gave Robertson a high five. Still, this was a unique and hilarious way to deal with a "heckler."

Alabama and Auburn will square off in Tuscaloosa on Saturday. The game is scheduled to kick off at 7:45 P.M. EST on ESPN.