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Videos: SEC Network Unveils 14 New School-Specific Promos For August Launch

There is no debate that collectively, the Southeastern Conference has ruled the college athletics landscape over the last decade. But as ESPN and the SEC are set to launch their new "SEC Network" this August, all the focus is on each individual institution - at least from a marketing sense. The new network plans to take full advantage of the rabid fan bases at its disposal, starting with 40-second hype videos geared toward the history of each program. 

Today, ESPN released all 14 clips and asked fans to use the hashtag #14schools14stories to spread the word. The name of the campaign is "Take It All In". You can view each below:

As you can see, not every video deals with just college football tradition - many focus on basketball and baseball instead. The network officially launches on August 14th and will carry 45 football games in its first season.