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Who Is Going To Draft Former Alabama Quarterback AJ McCarron?

Perhaps no player in America has been more scrutinized than former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron ahead of this week's NFL Draft. McCarron, who led the Crimson Tide to a 36-4 record and two national titles as a starter the past few seasons, has been given the dreaded label of a "game manager" by many scouts and analysts ahead of his professional career. He's also engaged to Miss Alabama USA 2012, Katherine Webb, and the couple is having their wedding televised at some point this summer. So needless to say, NFL teams can see a few red flags when looking in his direction.

Where will McCarron wind up being drafted? It's a tough question to answer, considering he's not looked at as a sure-fire starter. McCarron himself said that he was told he could go between picks 16 and 35, meaning he could be a first-round selection. But others think he's a mid-to-late round selection.

Would the Dallas Cowboys take him at 16 to back up starter Tony Romo? Maybe, but why would they take a backup with their first selection? It's actually more likely that they'd wait until the second or third round if they truly believe he isn't first-round material. Some other possibilities are the Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals and Cleveland Browns, though they've made it clearthat they want former Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel. Our best guess? We'll go with Houston, but not until the third or fourth round.