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Why Does Alabama Have An Elephant Mascot?

Why does the Alabama Crimson Tide have an elephant mascot?

Everyone knows the Alabama Crimson Tide, but what is the story behind the team's iconic mascot?

If you didn't know, Alabama's mascot is an elephant. It does wear the color crimson, but why an elephant?

According to, following the Alabama-Ole Miss football game in October 1930, an Atlanta sports reporter's description of the impressive ability of the Crimson Tide, along with the reaction from the crowd, changed everything:

"At the end of the quarter, the earth started to tremble, there was a distant rumble that continued to grow," he wrote. "Some excited fan in the stands bellowed, 'Hold your horses, the elephants are coming,' and out stamped this Alabama varsity."

There you have it - this is where the Crimson Tide first adopted the elephant theme and made the animal its school mascot.

The mascot has given the Tide fine luck as Alabama football has claimed 14 national titles since the year 1930.