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Arkansas Fan Starts Petition To Fire Bret Bielema, Hire Mike Leach

One fan really wants Washington State's Mike Leach to take over as head coach for the Hogs.

After several years of mediocrity capped off by a humiliating loss in the Belk Bowl last year, Bret Bielema was considered to be on the hot seat heading into this season, and the Hogs' 28-7 loss at the hands of No. 23 TCU on Saturday didn't help his case.

So one fan by the name of Douglas Parker decided enough was enough, and started an online petition on demanding Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long not only fire Bielema, but hire Washington State's Mike Leach as the new head coach.

Here's an excerpt:

Mike Leach is one of only two active CFB coaches to have won coach of the year in two different Power 5 conferences.

Think his offensive strategy won’t succeed in the SEC? As Kentucky’s OC, Leach’s offense set 4 NCAA, 42 SEC, and 116 school records…

At Washington State, Leach is well on his way to the Cougar’s fourth bowl appearance in five years after the program not even being bowl eligible for an entire decade before his arrival. Leach has improved Wazzu’s conference record every single season since his hiring in 2012.

Mike Leach is the man that the faithful Arkansas fanbase not only needs, but deserves. Your signature is the first step in securing his services and bringing Arkansas football back to national prominence. Woo Damn.

As of Monday afternoon, 50 people have signed the petition—halfway to the goal of 100 signatures.

Leach is in his sixth season with the Cougars and has recorded a 31-34 overall record.