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Bret Bielema Describes Difference Between Big Ten, SEC On ESPN's Mike & Mike

Bret Bielema is entering his fourth season as the head coach at Arkansas, but prior to landing the job with the Razorbacks, he spent seven years at Wisconsin. As such, Bielema would seem to have a pretty good grip on the differences between the SEC and the Big Ten.

Tuesday, Bielema appeared on a number of ESPN's morning shows - including Mike & Mike. When asked to compare the two leagues, Bielema dropped some quotes that will likely upset some Big Ten fans.

"I think two things. First, on the field, without a doubt, defensive line play. In the Big Ten, you always had a couple of guys on each team you had to be concerned with. But in the SEC, not only do you have the four guys who start the game, there's four guys coming in behind them, and a lot of times there's another four. There's maybe 8, 10, 12 players who just control the game up front that's unlike anything else. I was blown away.

And then off the field, I always kind of say it's like every other conference I've been in - I played at Iowa, coached at Wisconsin. I coached at Kansas State, part of the Big 12. It's like every other conference, but everyone's drinking four Red Bulls before 9 a.m. Everybody is just that much more amped up. You know you'll have a 70-year-old lady in Monticello who is ready to tel you how to tackle. It's just overwhelming how much passion there is in our league."

Bielema isn't exactly the most popular person up in Big Ten country - especially at Wisconsin - and this likely won't change that fact. In three seasons at Arkansas, he's posted an 18-20 mark with a 7-17 record in the SEC.