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Twitter Is Currently Roasting Arkansas Head Coach Bret Bielema

After blowing a 24-0 halftime lead to Virginia Tech to lose the Belk Bowl, college football Twitter ran wild, calling for Bret Beilema's job.

It happened again.

After blowing a 17-point halftime lead against Mizzou to close out the season with a 28-24 loss, Arkansas gave everyone watching déjà vu by blowing a 24-point halftime lead to lose 35-24 to Virginia Tech Thursday night in the Belk Bowl. At the half, the Hogs had a 97.9% win probability according to ESPN.

Twitter went wild, with people oscillating between absolute disbelief and furious anger. There are more than a few college football fans wondering how Bielema can keep his job after two historic collapses in a row.

Check it out:

The thing is, when you look at the stats for Arkansas, the self-destruction looks less like an aberration and more like a habit. The Hogs have been outscored in the second half by 105 points this season. 105! That's a consistent failure to perform, and not something you can attribute to chance.

Whether or not Bielema loses his job after the loss, it's hard to say, but moving forward he definitely has to make some change to make if he wants to stay there for more than another season.