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Watch: Arkansas' Frank Ragnow Takes On Coach In 'Dumbbell Challenge'

Arkansas Football player does the dumbbell challenge.


Watch Arkansas center Frank Ragnow take on the Hogs' strength and conditioning coach in this epic dumbbell challenge.

Today, Arkansas center Frank Ragnow became king of the weight room, as he defeated his own strength and conditioning coach Ben Herbert earlier today in the "dumbbell challenge." What is the dumbbell challenge, you might ask? It's fairly simple. You just sit on a weight bench and hold dumbbells at your side, and whoever holds them the longest is crowned the winner. "That sounds easy!" you might say, but you'd be wrong, because these guys are holding 125 pounders in each hand.

Check out the video of the incredible showdown below. The first two minutes are mostly just exposition, so you can skip forward to the good stuff.

Amazing. The celebration makes me laugh every time I watch it, with the whole team just hootin' and hollerin' all around the weight room. Beating any coach at anything is satisfying, but beating the strength coach at his own game? Now that's a badge of honor.