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Pat Dye On Bret Bielema: "He Needs To Keep His Mouth Shut"

Oh, the irony.

Pat Dye is a man who is certainly not afraid to stir the pot. Recently, the former Auburn coach made headlines with controversial comments on Condoleezza Rice being named to the College Football Playoff Selection Committee. Today, while speaking at the Knoxville Quarterback Club, Dye was asked about Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema. Dye had a simple, very straightforward comment: "He needs to keep his mouth shut."

Last week, Bielema raised a complaint that Auburn had left out plays on the game film exchanged between the two schools, which is clearly what Dye is referring to. Auburn then beat Arkansas 35-17 on Saturday, extending the Razorbacks' losing streak to six games.

It's not the first time that anyone has taken issue with a Bret Bielema comment, but if he was right about the game film, his point is entirely legitimate. And if nothing else, it's very ironic that Dye is the one telling him "to keep his mouth shut."