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Photo: Arkansas Is Wearing Sleek Grey Helmets With Red Razorback Logos vs. Mississippi State


Earlier this week, Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema talked about the possible addition of helmet stickers to the team lids to motivate players in the future. Now it appears that the Razorbacks may have new helmets to add those stickers to.

Arkansas is donning all-grey uniforms today, and there's a new helmet to go with them. A photo of the new look was tweeted out by Arkansas' director of recruiting, Chris Hauser:

The paint looks fantastic -- it basically creates the appearance that they are made out of iron. It would have been nice to see the metallic Razorback logo (from the alternate white helmets) to match the shiny grey, but overall it's still a decent look. I'd imagine that the players reacted pretty favorably to the change of pace.