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Photo: Arkansas QB Brandon Allen's Truck Was Egged After Loss To Mississippi State


The Arkansas Razorbacks haven't exactly had an ideal season. In new head coach Bret Bielema's first year with the program, the Hogs are 3-8 overall and have yet to win a game in SEC play.

The struggle to pull out victories continued today as the Razorbacks suffered a tough loss against Mississippi State in overtime. It was definitely a frustrating way to close out this season's games in Razorback Stadium for the players, coaches, and fans. 

After the game, senior tight end Austin Tate tweeted out a picture of teammate Brandon Allen's truck that appeared to have been egged (the tweet has since been deleted). Take a look:

Tate seems to think that disappointed fans took out their frustration on Allen's vehicle in an attempt at cheap revenge for letting them down. We have no idea if that was actually the case, but if so, that would be a pretty classless move. Regardless of whether it was a Razorbacks "fan" or not, it's just a pretty lame move -- football is just a game, and players don't need to be reprimanded by fans if they don't achieve the desired result.