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As If I Didn't Love Lane Kiffin Enough, I Am Now Rooting For Him Against Notre Dame

As a UGA fan, you can't expect anything else.

As a graduate of the University of Georgia (and an all-around sensible individual), I hate the Tennessee Volunteers. Their colors are ugly, they are disgracing the SEC this season, and they are one of UGA's SEC East rivals. As a result, I should, by all accounts, hate Lane Kiffin. After all, he did coach those horrendous Volunteers for one whole season!

However, Lane is really growing on me. At first I thought, "Gee, this Lane Kiffin is the most egotistical and loathsome character in all of college football." I started writing post after post about Lane and his ridiculous behavior. However, the more posts I wrote, the more I thought, "What would I do without Lane Kiffin?" He is my most endless source of hilarity and entertainment, and despite the fact that I still sympathize for both USC fans and USC players who have to deal with him, I realized how much I enjoy this man.

While the rest of the world shakes their heads in disapproval, I've loved every minute of Lane Kiffin's crazy antics. From 28-second press conferences, to deflating footballs, to Taiwanese animations, Lane Kiffin has given me sincere moments of joy and fascination that even my own Mark Richt has yet to do (not that I ever want Richt to lose his class and dignity).

Now, in the 2012 football season's home-stretch, fate has finally brought me and Lane Kiffin together again, maybe for the last time. As USC squares off with No. 1 Notre Dame this week, I'll be rooting for an upset. Why? Because Notre Dame losing means more SEC domination. If Georgia beats up on the Yellow Jackets and goes on to win the SEC Title against Alabama, chances are it will be my team in the BCS game, and not Tyler Moorehead's.

So here's to Lane Kiffin, villain turned potential hero. This week, I'll be wishing him all the best as his backup QB and the rest of the Trojans take on the No. 1 Fighting Irish. I just hope his final dastardly deed of the season doesn't come in the form that the following tweet suggests.