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After A Year-Long Study, Auburn Will Not Claim Any More National Titles

The Auburn Tigers claim two national titles in college football - for the 1957 and 2010 seasons. That isn't going to change, according to the school's AD, Jay Jacobs. Jacobs told's Brandon Marcello earlier this week that while Auburn conducted a year-long study to determine whether it should claim national championships in 1910, 1913, 1914, 1983, 1993 and 2004, it decided against the idea. The study was first launched just prior to the Tigers' BCS national title tilt against Florida State.

"We've earned what we've earned and people can count it different ways, but we've earned what we've earned," Jacobs said. "Those players on those teams, like me in 1983, it doesn't matter if you hang a banner or not. I know what we did."

If you're wondering, Auburn's rival, Alabama, claims 15 national titles, and leaves another four unclaimed.