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Auburn AD Jay Jacobs Says "It's Impossible" That A 1-Loss SEC Champion Gets Left Out Of BCS Title Game

The great debate.

After Auburn beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl today in ridiculous fashion, the Tigers are headed to Atlanta next week for the SEC Championship Game. It is unclear which team the Tigers will be playing (either Missouri or South Carolina), but Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs is already ready looking past that game and worrying about the school's chances of playing in the BCS title game. Or rather, he isn't worrying, right?

Auburn entered today fourth in the BCS standings behind Alabama, Florida State, and Ohio State. Of course, Alabama will drop, leaving OSU, FSU, and Auburn jockeying for the two spots. The Buckeyes and Seminoles are both undefeated, so they certainly feel that they should be in the championship game, no questions asked, but if you ask Jacobs, it's still more impressive to have one loss while battling through the SEC than it is to come out of the Big Ten or ACC blemished.

There is certainly going to be a ton of debate on this exact issue for the next week, so be prepared to hear both sides of the argument again and again. It will be very interesting to see how the BCS standings look when they are released tomorrow night, but it's hard to believe that it is completely "impossible" than an SEC champion gets left out behind an undefeated conference champion elsewhere.