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Auburn Beats LSU After Video Replay Reverses Result Of Final Play

LSU QB running away from Auburn players as time expires.


Auburn beat LSU with one of the most bizarre final sequences you'll see.

On fourth down with time running down, LSU's Danny Etling completed a pass a few yards short of the goal line. With just one second left on the clock and no timeouts, there did not appear to be enough time for LSU to run another play. However, the Tigers were confusingly saved by their own penalty—an illegal motion—which gave them a repeat of fourth down with that final second remaining.

With that play, Etling found D.J. Chark in the corner of the end zone for what appeared to be the game winning score.

Of course, aside from the confusion over whether or not LSU should've had the extra chance at all, it did not appear that Etling got the play off in time. He also looked to be past the line of scrimmge when he threw the pass. Officials reviewed the play, and correctly decided that the game clock had expired before the snap, reversing the touchdown and giving Auburn the big win.

In a game that means a ton to two high-profile SEC West coaches on the hot seat, Auburn beat LSU, giving Gus Malzahn a bit of life. Whether it is enough to save his season is yet to be seen, but Les Miles' seat certainly doesn't get any cooler with this loss.