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Auburn Football Fan Starts GoFundMe For Gus Malzahn's Buyout

A photo of a GoFundMe page to buyout Gus Malzahn.


One Auburn football fan has had enough and is trying to crowdfund the $9 million needed to get a new head coach.

Things are bad for Auburn football. The Tigers are 1-2, haven't beaten an SEC team at home in six tries, and are probably going to get smacked by Alabama again this year. Auburn fan Thomas Downing is sick and tired of the underperformance and wants a new head coach, pronto. And if Auburn isn't willing to pay Malzahn the $9 million buyout, Downing is determined to find a bunch of generous folks who are willing to pay the buyout, and he's started a GoFundMe for that very purpose.

From Downing's GoFundMe post:

I am Thomas Downing and I have suffered through underperforming, disappointing season after disappointing season under Gus Malzahn. It's time for a change.

Gus Malzahn is a hardheaded, stubborn, unimaginative coach. He has taken a remarkably talented team and has been out-coached, out-schemed, and he's underdeveloped players, generally leading the team to mediocrity over and over again.

Apparently our flagship university can't afford to buy him out of his contract, so I figured if we raised the money then they wouldn't have any excuse as to why we can't fire him.

So far no one has donated a dime, but in the event people do actually donate and Auburn rejects the money, he's got a fail-safe in place:

In the likely event that Auburn will not accept the funds raised here, all monies will be donated to the Toys for Tots. Thank you for your support.

That's probably a better use of everyone's money anyway.