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Auburn Football: Gus Malzahn Says South Carolina's Marcus Lattimore Is His "Recruit That Got Away"

The SEC football head coaches have been going through ESPN's "car wash" up in Bristol this week, where they appear on the network's various afternoon programming. College football reporter Joe Schad has been asking the coaches about their "recruits that got away"—the players that they most regret missing out on. Les Miles' is legendary USC linebacker Junior Seau from when he was an assistant at Colorado. Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn's is a bit more recent.

">July 21, 2015

Lattimore, of course, became a superstar for his home state South Carolina Gamecocks, where he rushed for 2,677 yards and 38 touchdowns during three season, despite dealing with multiple major injuries. After attempting a comeback in the NFL, Lattimore has returned to USC to get his degree and to work as an ambassador for the football program. Clearly, he made the right college choice, based on the connection he has with the school, but it would have been awesome to watch him play in Malzahn's dynamic offense.