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Former Auburn Coach Thinks SEC Should End Annual Iron Bowl

Former Auburn head coach Pat Dye is okay with ending the Iron Bowl as an annual event.

Speaking on his weekly ESPN radio show, former Auburn head coach Pat Dye is willing to let the Iron Bowl die as an annual rivalry game.

Yes, read that back because it is real. Dye's argument is tied in with his contention that Auburn should switch divisions and play in the SEC East.

Gridiron Now has the quotes from Dye:

“I’d rather see Auburn in the East than us to play Alabama every year,” Dye said Tuesday for his weekly radio show on ESPN 106.7-FM in Auburn (the show airs on Wednesday).

Yes, Dye said he’d rather Auburn move to the East even if the Tigers couldn’t play the Tide annually.

“We don’t need to let Alabama dictate what we do at Auburn,” he said. “We can play them on a rotation, just like everybody else.”

In terms of the Iron Bowl not being a yearly thing, we can't ever see this happening.

Dye, who went 6-6 in the Iron Bowl as the Tigers' head coach, may have just earned himself some hatred in Alabama, from AU and Crimson Tide fans alike.

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