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Former Auburn Defensive End Bret Eddins On Claiming Titles: "Are We Going To Let Rivals Define Who We Are?”

Auburn has caused a fair amount of controversy in its discussions about whether or not to retroactively claim additional national titles. The Tigers are not the first program to consider doing so, but fans of other programs have been pretty critical about Auburn, or other teams that try to add titles decades after the fact to their record books. One member of the undefeated 2004 Auburn team doesn't think that the program should worry about that. In an interview with 247Sports, 2004 defensive end Bret Eddins, takes a very strong stance on the issue.

“I think they should,” Eddins said. “Some schools recognize teams that lost three or four times. If you have a legitimate claim, go ahead and claim it. I don’t think your rivals are ever going to be your biggest supporters in that, but are we going to let rivals define who we are?”

Fans from schools like Alabama are never going to respect any decision that Auburn makes, so Eddins point is fairly salient here. Why should the Tigers worry about what people who are associated with the Tide say?