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Gus Malzahn Says Absent WR Duke Williams Has "A Discipline Issue He's Taking Care Of"

Auburn hit the practice field today to resume fall camp, and for the second straight session, star wide receiver Duke Williams was not present with his teammates.

Many Tiger fans are getting restless with the Williams situation, anxious to hear what is keeping him out of action and when he'll return. Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn shed a tiny bit of light on the issue at hand following practice.

">August 8, 2015

">August 8, 2015


— Scott Forester (@scott4ester)

Auburn WR Duke Williams had a discipline issue and he'll be back when Malzahn says that issue has been resolved @abc3340

— Scott Forester (@scott4ester) August 8, 2015

">August 8, 2015

That's all of the update for now. It doesn't seem like a serious problem just yet, but it's worth keeping an eye on moving forward. If Williams continues to miss time, red flags will be waving.