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Photo: Auburn AD Jay Jacobs Sends Letter, Tigers Gear To English Woman Dee Ford Who Was Mistaken As Player On Twitter

Hooking up the new Tigers superfan.

It's been quite a few weeks for Dee Ford. Not the former Auburn defensive end, however, but the middle-aged English woman who is frequently confused with the football player on social media -- their Twitter handles are quite similar, and even football Dee mistakenly told his own followers to tweet her handle in the past. In recently weeks, she has become increasingly popular with Auburn fans because she has started to play along with all of the tweets she receives that aren't actually intended for her -- originally, she was upset at the mix-up.

Today, Ford received a letter and a package of Tigers gear from Auburn AD Jay Jacobs -- he promised a few weeks back that he would send gifts:

Here's what she received:

I guess Auburn has a great new superfan.