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Photo: Auburn Continues With Its Field Painting, Adds Spot Where Tipped Pass Against Georgia Was Caught

Auburn is continuing with its field painting of memorable plays. Yesterday, the Tigers' field maintenance staff outlined the route that Chris Davis took when scoring the game-winning touchdown off of Alabama’s missed field goal. Today, it appears Auburn has added some more spots to its field. 

">@KM01289) #auburn

— (@WarBlogle)

As I thought yesterday, the spot where Ricardo caught the tip against UGA is also marked. (via @KM01289) #auburn

— (@WarBlogle) May 31, 2014

">May 31, 2014

Here's the play:

The Tigers have updated the outline of Davis' return, too.

The painting seems to be serving a larger purpose, as Auburn is hosting “Big Cat Weekend” for the sixth straight season, and 25 of the program’s top 30 prospects will be on-hand for the festivities.