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Photo: Gene Chizik Really Enjoys His Time In The Cryosauna

It's good for the skin.

Everybody needs a good bit of "cry time" on occasion -- cryotherapy, that is.

Today, many college football fans were exposed to cryotherapy via former Auburn coach Gene Chizik. Apparently, he uses the machine to relax before he hosts his Sirius XM Radio show.

Because we know you all are dying to learn more about the cryosauna:

The cryosauna will expose your skin to temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit for 3 minutes or less. Your skin temperature will initially drop to 32 degrees before rising to 95 degrees for 30-45 seconds (normal skin temperature is 90.5 degrees) and then goes down to normal.

...but apparently it's actually a pretty comfortable experience, according to the website. At any rate, it looks like Chizik is having a good time.