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Photo/Video: Cam Newton Hops Fence To Play Football With Middle Schoolers

Cam Newton throws a football to middle schoolers.

Cam Newton Middle Schoolers

On Friday afternoon, Cam Newton gave middle schoolers at the Community School of Davidson in Davidson, N.C., the surprise of a lifetime. 

As reported by WSOCTV, Newton rode past the school while filming a shoot when he noticed one of the students in the schoolyard wearing his jersey. After stopping, Newton asked one of the teachers if he could join the kids. When they said yes, he hopped a fence and began tossing the ball around.

As you might imagine, the kids were shocked and overjoyed. Per WSOC, one girl was so overcome with emotion she was crying and hyperventilating. The kids even took a group dabbing pic with Cam.

">@Panthers #CamNewton throws football with awestruck seventh-graders

— WSOCTV (@wsoctv)

PHOTOS: @Panthers#CamNewton throws football with awestruck seventh-graders

— WSOCTV (@wsoctv) April 23, 2016

">April 23, 2016

Pretty awesome job by Newton. If you want to watch the full video, click here