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Report: Auburn's Nick Marshall's Possession Case Is Closed, Could Still Face Punishment From Malzahn

Nick Marshall's legal troubles are over. 

The Auburn quarterback was cited for possession of marijuana on July 11 in Reynolds, Ga. when he was pulled over by police for a possible window tinting violation. The fines for the citation and violation have been paid and his case is closed, according to multiple outlets. Reynolds police chief Lonnie Holder confirmed that Marshall's mother, Shalena Cliett, paid the roughly $1000 citation fine and $100 tinting fine. Marshall will not appear in court. 


— Mike Herndon (@TheMikeHerndon)

From @JoelAEricksonAU: Nick Marshall's fine has been paid, case closed in marijuana citation via @aldotcom

— Mike Herndon (@TheMikeHerndon) July 24, 2014

">July 24, 2014

Marshall still could face punishment from Auburn coach Gus Malzahn, who is yet to comment on what discipline will be given to the quarterback. Marshall was scheduled to represent the Tigers at SEC Media Days but was kept home following the incident.