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2018 Recruit Was Pranked By Unknown Caller Claiming To Be Auburn Coach Offering Scholarship

Taurrian Stafford, an unrated offensive lineman from Miami, was pranked when someone claiming to be Auburn coach Herb Hand called to offer him a scholarship.

Stafford told 247Sports about the unfortunate incident, and how the initial call transpired.

“I went and Googled him,” Stafford said. “I was talking to him and he was like, “I like your film, I like how aggressive you are. I like the way you drive block.’ "

And then, the person on the other end of phone gave him some unexpected news.

“He was like, ‘I would like to offer you a scholarship,’ “ Stafford recalled. “I cried. When I got that offer, it was the high point of my whole life.”

Stafford has an offer from Florida A&M, but his recruitment hasn't really taken off yet, so an SEC program like Auburn coming through with one was unexpected. Still, no one expects to be pranked like that.

Stafford's Miami Central coaches followed up with Auburn, and Hand had to deliver the unfortunate news that it wasn't actually him on the phone.

The real Hand, who is by all accounts a really good guy, did extend Stafford one significant offer, however: he promised to come personally evaluate him over the summer.

“He was talking and saying, ‘I’m so sorry,’ " Stafford recalled. “But then he said, ‘I do need a center. I’ll come down in the spring to evaluate you.’ He was really cool. He was talking to my coaches. He’s a generous man. I felt relieved. You don’t understand. When I got the offer I cried. And when I found out I didn’t have it, I cried. Everything I had been working for. Everything. Putting in the hard work every day. Coming home at 10. Sometimes at 11. I thought, ‘It’s finally happening.' "

Hand also called out the prankster via Twitter.

We have no idea if Stafford will wind up with an offer from a school like Auburn, but hopefully he does get some good football opportunities down the road. We can't imagine who would prank a high schooler like that.