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Top Recruit Kai Locksley Says It's "Creepy" That Auburn's Fan Base Posted A Photo Of His Mom

Ever wonder if top recruits check out the message boards to see who is talking about them? Well, we know that at least one top high school football player - four-star dual-threat quarterback Kai Locksley - is checking out what fans are saying online. Locksley posted a photo of the Auburn 247 board, which includes a thread dedicated to a photo taken of him and his mom. Locksley said that the post was "creepy".

 Locksley is supposedly a lean towards Maryland, but he's also considering Auburn, Virginia Tech, Texas, Oregon and Florida State. 

To be clear - it's not a surprise that fans - especially those in the SEC - are interested in every facet of potential recruits' lives. Any time it looks like a player is leaning a certain way, it's going to be news. But as we're seeing here, they can see what you're writing about them too.