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Tray Matthews' Aunt Unhappy With Georgia Player's Father

Former Georgia defensive back Tray Matthews has already made the decision to play his future football at Auburn. But for the moment, he's having a tough time escaping his past. Earlier this week, the father of current Bulldogs player Sterling Bailey, Kevin Bailey, made some disparaging statements about Matthews and a few other former UGA players who have left the program for various reasons in recent months. Bailey's quote, "it's not the system, it's the kids", made headlines around the country. Tuesday night, a member of Matthews' family - his aunt, LaToya Cox-Thomas - responded to Bailey.

Cox-Thomas, in short, takes great exception to the words spoken by Bailey. She is also upset with the way many Georgia fans have turned on her nephew. Here's a snippet of the statement - you can read the full version over at

"How can Mr. Bailey so easily judge other parents when he by his own confession has obviously dealt with having to support his son after he too made a mistake? Does Mr. Bailey “love” Tray enough not to speak against him simply because he chose Auburn? Did it hurt Mr. Bailey to read blogs where fans who once cheered for #28 now seemingly hate him with equal poise? Did Mr. Bailey share in the hurt of our family to read posts of good riddance or mockery of Tray’s injury which affected his ability to be on the field regardless of his heart’s desire? I mean it had to sicken Mr. Bailey to read posts that called Tray a ghetto, project thug, with no more than a middle school education, passed through the system because of his talents – when obviously as a “good friend” Mr. Bailey knows that Tray is a kid with aspirations of being a veterinarian, who comes from a family where higher education is expected, and Tray actually strived to ensure he had all his credits ahead of time in order to graduate early so that he could get to GEORGIA!!"

It's clear that tensions are still a bit high regarding Matthews' dismissal from Georgia. Let's hope that soon, he's able to concentrate on just football again.