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Video: Contestants On Celebrity Jeopardy Absolutely Stumped By Question About Cam Newton

Jeopardy contestants are notoriously awful at answering questions about sports. In the past we've seen them fail to answer ones about Deshaun Watson, Jesse Owens, Alabama, stadium nicknames, Notre Dame, the Big Ten, and various college football players. A former LSU player even failed to answer a question about mascots on the show back in 2014.

Tonight, three well-known journalists and TV personalities—CNN's Anderson Cooper, 60 Minutes' Lara Logan, and MSNBC's Michael Steele—appeared on Celebrity Jeopardy, and they did not fare better than the normal contestants. The three passed on a pretty easy question about former Auburn and current Carolina Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton, one of the most famous athletes in the U.S.

">May 18, 2016

You would think one of the three would be able to throw Cam, who just won the NFL's MVP award and started in the Super Bowl, out as an answer, but nope. When it comes to Jeopardy, folks just do not know sports at all.