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Video: This Fan-Made Auburn Football Hype Video Is One Of The Best That We've Ever Seen

A few days ago, we showed you this Auburn hype video, which revolves around Tigers head coach Gus Malzahn saying "we're gonna go back" after the team lost in the BCS National Championship Game to Florida State. While it was incredibly well done, this new video by Snowday Productions 7 is even better, and we guarantee that it will give you chills.

The video, which almost looks like a movie trailer, starts off with FSU celebrating its win in the national title game, but then cuts right into Auburn highlights and some of the most improbable moments of the 2013 season, including the team's wins over Georgia and Alabama. It ends with a simple message: while Auburn fans will never forget 2013's "Team of Destiny," it's time for a new season.

Auburn fans really need to keep making pump-up videos for 2014. While this one is probably the best, every one we've seen has been fantastic.